Art Exhibition

June 1, 2014

It’s the College’s first year at our new home and  we are proud to be holding this year’s Art Exhibition here.  We will be showcasing work from A/AS Level and Foundation students who have been preparing for this all year. 

It will take place Thursday 6th June and will be on all day, from 9.00 until 18.00.  All students, friends, parents and other interested parties are invited.

There will be wine, drinks and nibbles for guests to come and admire a wide variety of work, such as paintings, sculptures and clothes/textiles.  The artists will be there to show and talk about their material, as will teaching staff from the College.  We will even have a camera crew coming to the College to take some footage, so put on your glad rags as you’re in for an impressive and stimulating evening at Regent Street.

Contact us

89 Regent Street,
Cambridge, CB2 1AW, UK
Tel: +44 1223 323718