When you graduate from St Andrew’s College Cambridge, you receive more than just an excellent education- you become part of a world-wide network of contacts- the extended family of St Andrew’s Alumni.

At St Andrew’s College Cambridge, we have established the Alumni Group to provide you with the benefits, services and initiatives that will serve your future educational, professional and social needs.

One of the most useful aspects of studying at St Andrew’s College Cambridge is the opportunity we offer to mix with people from across the globe. Being part of our truly global alumni group means you can take full advantage of the network of relationships you create at St Andrew’s.

2016 was a very exciting year for the college as it marks the 40th Anniversary of the founding of the college – it is the oldest independent tutorial college in Cambridge.


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Andrew is the St Andrew’s Alumni co-ordinator. His aim is to ensure that the alumni community, both in the UK and overseas, enjoys a rewarding and enduring involvement with St Andrew’s thorough social and educational activities, networking, and advocacy or just by keeping in touch with old class mates!

Andrew would love to hear from you, whether  you are trying to find and reconnect with an old friend or tutor, or perhaps just want to let us know about the exciting changes in your life.

The main reason why Andrew enjoys this aspect of his job is because he is curious to see what has happened to the numerous students he has had the pleasure to meet and teach over the last 5 years – are they running their own businesses yet or in charge of large multi-nationals.  So please do not hesitate to send him an e-mail alumni@standrewscambridge.co.uk

We really want to hear from you. 


We’re interested in forming Overseas Alumni Groups for those alumni who have left the UK or are continuing their studies or careers back in their home countries.  If you would like to form an overseas group, and use it to get in touch with alumni where you are to network and share experiences, let us know.

  • China
  • Nigeria
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
  • Angola


Our current students are always looking and willing to volunteer whilst in Cambridge. Can you help provide them with such opportunities; to give them a taster of the world of work or study before they have to make crucial decisions about their future education choices?

If you or your business can offer a St Andrew’s pupil a work placement or volunteering opportunity we would be pleased to hear from you.


Did you make the right choice about what to study? Would you be able and willing to come and talk to our current students about the subjects they want to study, how to get the most out of university life, where to live?

If so, again we’d really like to involve you in helping students make the best decisions for them, and understand where the decisions they take can ultimately lead them to.

If you can help support any of these activities please contact us mailto:alumni@standrewscambridge.co.uk


Newsletters keep Alumni in touch with their old class mates and enable to reach out to “missing” Alumni.  


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