The St Andrew’s Medics’ Programme is a highly specialised two year programme of study for focused, high-achieving students looking for progression onto degree courses in these competitive fields at leading universities.

The programme is designed for determined students who are looking for successful careers in Medicine, Veterinary Science and Dentistry.

Students study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry with Physics or Maths.

International students will also follow a specialised medicine related English language programme to ensure they have the necessary vocabulary and understanding to undertake this course of study.

All students on this programme will benefit from regular seminars given by experts in these fields. Seminar topics may include; degrees in medicine, the requirements for becoming a doctor, the NHS, topical issues or preparing for interviews.

Students are expected to lead presentations on specific topics in order to build and develop theIr confidence and improve their critical thinking abilty.

The Medics’ Programme has a tutor who oversees the programme and supports the students on a daily basis offering them the best possible chance to succeed in these highly competitive fields.


A feature of applying to university in the UK is that many universities will interview their applicants. Students can find this process intimidating and may find it difficult to fully express themselves. At St Andrew’s College we will prepare you for this process. Students will undergo mock interview and other practice work in order to be ready for university interviews during their course.

Preparation will include:

  • In-house interviews with a panel of academic tutors
  • An external interview with a panel of experts
  • Group work on interview technique

These sessions will help students to perform to the best of their ability when they are interviewed at their chosen universities.


Students benefit from regular seminars from external specialists. These include topics such as research on the genetic links between cardiovascular disease and schizophrenia. There is no extra charge for this programme but students will need to demonstrate their ability to participate through previous exam results and from feedback from their teachers.


Students on the Medics’ Programme benefit from our location in the university city of Cambridge and from the extensive network of links we have cultivated at the famous Addenbrookes Hospital and at other local medical institutions.

As a result, students are able to undertake a series of work experience and volunteer placements to help support and enhance their application to study medicine.

Volunteering and charity work during term time also forms an important pathway to a medical discipline degree course in the UK, and may include placements for Oxfam and the British Red Cross.

International students are strongly advised to undertake hospital work experience in their home countries during vacations, and our Principal can help with organising this.

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