At the heart of St. Andrew’s Cambridge is a group of teachers providing quality tuition for our students. We are fortunate that Cambridge attracts many well qualified education professionals, and so we are able to recruit a teaching team who are full of infectious enthusiasm for their subjects – and keen to pass on their passion for learning to our students.

We set high standards and constantly strive to improve; our staff share in this ideal, and they are encouraged to take part in professional development programmes. Teaching staff have a rich variety of backgrounds and experience that they love to share with students.

The small classes that are a feature of life at St Andrew’s Cambridge mean that teachers are able to focus on each student as an individual, enjoying interaction with them – rather than simply lecturing at them. Importantly, our staff enjoy participating in the extra-curricular life at the school, sharing time with students not only in the classroom but on a range of activity programmes outside the classroom as well.

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