St Andrew’s Philosophy

University of Birmingham

The St. Andrew’s College philosophy is simple. We provide a distinctive co-educational environment for international and UK boarding and day students aged 14-21. We offer a safe and caring environment where our aim is to unlock the academic and personal potential of each student, whatever their ability, and to encourage them to realise their ambitions. The college sees its major role as preparing students both academically and socially to benefit from higher education in the UK and worldwide where applicable. At the same time, the college values qualities of responsibility, co-operation, thoughtfulness and determination.

We offer:

  • A positive and enriching environment
  • High quality teaching and pastoral care
  • Encouragement in achieving individual ambitions
  • A peaceful and secure place to study.

To assist this, we aim to foster and maintain a close, ordered and friendly community, where all individuals are known by their names and where respect for self and others is promoted, so that when students move on to the next stage of their education or careers, they leave as self-confident young people capable of independent learning. High quality teaching, learning and pastoral care as well as flexible English language support, are key factors in achieving this and we aim to encourage independent learning, with small classes where the differing needs of students are recognised and supported. It is crucial to our overseas students’ success that they develop the ability to communicate effectively in English, both academically and socially. Thus, ongoing English language support is a key element at every level and throughout the curriculum for all students.

We are minimally selective, with a broad range of ability in our students. The majority will be aiming to move on to university either in the UK or overseas and most will gain their first choice of university. Our aim is to ensure that we help each student to achieve the best of which they are capable.
Our rules are sensible and are kept to a minimum, designed to provide a stable and safe environment. We aim to maintain and encourage flexibility and tolerance, within the bounds of safety, dependent on age group.

Communication with all stakeholders is valued. Even though many parents are overseas, we aim to achieve as active a partnership as possible, both formally and informally. Our overall aim is to provide an educational and pastoral experience that is focused and enjoyable for both staff and students alike.

Contact us

89 Regent Street,
Cambridge, CB2 1AW, UK
Tel: +44 1223 358073