Important information about bringing medicine to college

    • You must inform us if you have any medical conditions.
    • You must inform us if you are taking any prescription medication.
    • If you are taking prescription medication when you come to the UK, you must ensure that your medication is in the original packaging with the original, untampered pharmacy label. The label must show the name and address of the pharmacy along with their logo. If the label is not in English it must be translated into English by a qualified translator. The medication must have your name on it. It is a customs offence to bring medication into the UK that does not belong to you.
    • College staff, House Managers and Homestay hosts will not administer non-prescription medication to students.
    • If living in a hall of residence, all medication must be locked in your personal security box or hand- ed to the House Manager to be stored in the lockable medication cabinet
    • You will be asked on arrival to hall of residence if you have any medication with you. You must declare all medication within 48 hours or room searches may be carried out
    • If you are living in a homestay, you must inform your homestay host if you are taking medication and what it is for.
    • Medication that does not meet the above terms will be confiscated and you will need to attend an appointment with a GP to get a UK prescription

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