Governance in St. Andrew’s, Cambridge

St. Andrew’s Cambridge is a limited company that has been operating for over 40 years. It is inspected by Ofsted and NCFE. It has a wholly owned subsidiary in Select English, Cambridge.

The company is owned by the Martin family; 50% by Mervyn Martin and 25% each by his two children. Mervyn and his late wife, Helena, began as minority shareholders and some 20 years ago achieved full ownership outright. Helena bequeathed her shares to her children on her death in April 2016.

Overall, the company is governed by the Board of Directors, which meets as required and consists of 4 directors. These Directors are Mervyn Martin (Chairman), David Martin, Wayne Marshall (Principal) and David McEwan-Cox (Academic Registrar and Estates Manager).

At another level there are quarterly Management meetings (QMMs) which have two phases. The first phase consists of meeting of senior management, all of whom have submitted reports in advance and these have been circulated. This meeting discusses strategic and other important matters and sets the path for future direction. The second phase includes upper and middle management and covers areas at that level, whilst also reporting on the first phase decisions.

Mervyn Martin continues to act both as Managing Director with his daughter, Hanna Claydon as Deputy MD. St. Andrew’s is then governed and directed operationally by Wayne Marshall as Principal and Select English operates in the same mode with Sam Gross as Executive Manager.

Accounts are prepared monthly by the Accounts Manager, Sue Stearn and the cash position is distributed every Friday by the same member of staff. All of these documents are distributed to senior members of staff.

This structure has been broadly in place for the last 15 years and would appear to work well for owners, management, staff and students insofar as it has developed a strong company that looks forward to working towards an ever more solid future.

July 2017


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