Extension & Enrichment Programme

Here at St Andrew’s we are committed to helping every student achieve his or her full potential.  Our students are aiming to progress onto the world’s best universities and most challenging careers and our extension and enrichment programme aims to convert these ambitions into reality.

Every student has a unique Extension Programme designed to nurture individual strengths and improve upon weaknesses.  As well as academic results, top universities are looking for depth and breadth of knowledge.  Our students need to show they have the resilience to succeed, prove their interest and knowledge of their chosen career and display a wider understanding of how that knowledge is used logically and in practical situations.

The Enrichment Programme aims to widen students’ knowledge. Half-termly seminars and lectures on a diverse range of academic, social, economic and political topics encourages students to think outside the box, think critically and widen their understanding of the world around them.

The Enrichment Programme also provides opportunities for students to meet leading professionals in a wide array of careers and academic fields; helping students successfully plan for their futures.

Students who are invited to progress onto entry tests and interviews (particularly for Oxbridge and Medicine) move onto the Extension Plus programme. Designed by Cambridge University Students and current Cambridge University Professors the programme provides students with all the tools needed to win a place at Oxford or Cambridge University.

Over two years, the Extension Programme builds on St Andrew’s world class teaching and extra-curricular opportunities, providing the ‘polish’ required to not only gain entry to Oxford, Cambridge and other top universities but to succeed on those chosen courses and future careers.