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English Language Skills & Preparation

All students who are aiming to join a UK university must have IELTS 6.5 as a minimum to access most university courses.  A significant part of helping our students prepare for university is focus on developing their level of English and preparation for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) test.

Students at St Andrew’s take IELTS classes until they meet their university IELTS requirements and the number of classes required per week to achieve this goal is based on a student’s IELTS entry level.  Classes focus on developing strategies for all parts of the test which include reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Students develop grammar, a range of vocabulary including academic terminology, improve their writing styles, gain confidence in fluency of speaking and improve their English listening skills.

Monitoring progress includes the following:

  • Testing on arrival in September and every half term
  • Regular in-class progression tests
  • Additional support for those experiencing difficulties
  • Homework set in preparation for lesson and to practise what has been covered during class

The best way of ensuring success is to attend all English lessons, undertake English independent learning tasks and speak and read as much English in everyday life as possible.  English is more than a subject to study: it is a tool for success in your academic life in the UK. Ways to improve your English language ability and make your studies become easier would include:

  • Reading English books and newspapers
  • Watch British television
  • Go to the cinema and watch British films
  • Listen to the radio
  • Join extra-curricular clubs and activities like debating and MUN
  • Take part in some volunteering activities