Lessons & Syllabus

The years spent at St Andrew’s form an important transition for students between the formal, directed learning of school and the more liberal and individual experience of a university education. It is a time for growing maturity and independence within a guided framework of the school. All A-Level pupils are expected to take on more responsibility for their own progress and personal organisation and balance their academic study and extra-curricular activities.

Our class sizes are small.  All students follow three or four academic courses in the first year reducing to three courses in year two of A-Levels. Students wishing to take both Mathematics and Further Mathematics together with two other A-Level subjects will be able to do so. For very bright pupils there is an opportunity for a student to take all four first year A-Level subjects to the second year.

Each of the subjects offered is of equal status and validity and an extensive range of subject combinations is possible.  Students have the chance to specialise in subjects they particularly enjoy or begin afresh with a subject not studied before so the decision about the choices of A-level subjects is very important. Students are offered extensive access to advice and materials to help them make realistic and achievable decisions and they are encouraged to make extensive use of these resources.

For most students the chance to specialise in those subjects they most enjoy or begin afresh with a subject they have not studied before is a very exciting and positive one.

Below are two sample timetables for the A-Level course.


  08:30 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00
MON Tutorial B1 Maths B1 Maths B2 Biology Lunch B3 Physics B4 Chem English Clubs
TUE Tutorial B2 Biology B2 Biology B3 Physics Lunch B4 Chem B1 English Clubs
WED Tutorial/ assembly B3 Physics B3 Physics B4 Chem Lunch B1 Maths B2 Biology PE Fixtures
THU Tutorial B4 Chem B4 Chem B1 Maths Lunch B2 Biology B3 Physics English Clubs
FRI Tutorial B1 Maths B2 Biology B3 Physics Lunch B4 Chem PE PE Clubs


  08:30 09:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00
MON Tutorial B1 Business B1 Business B2 Maths Lunch B3 Psych B4 Study English Clubs
TUE Tutorial/ assembly B2 Maths B2 Maths B3 Psych Lunch B4 Study B1 Business English Clubs
WED Tutorial/ assembly B3 Psych B3 Psych B4 Study Lunch B1 Business B2 Maths PE / Staff meeting Fixtures/ Clubs
THU Tutorial/ assembly B4 Study B4 Study B1 Business Lunch B2 Maths B3 Psych English Clubs
FRI Tutorial B1 Business B2 Maths B3 Psych Lunch B4 Study PE PE Clubs