students in class

2 Year A-Levels


Students choose four subjects from the list below for September entry:

Maths Physics Sociology* Art & Design
Further Maths Chemistry Psychology* Digital Photography
Business* Biology Geography* Computer Science
Economics* English Literature* PE

Minimum IELTS 6.0 in speaking, reading & writing required to study subjects marked *

Languages as additional subjects (if available)

Arabic French Italian Other Native Language
Chinese German Spanish

Key Information

September Intake

Minimum age 15.5 years
Course length 2 years (6 terms)
English requirement IELTS 5.0
Hours of study per week 31.5 max, depending on number of subjects and level of English

*All students currently enrolled in 1st year A-Level (from Sept 23) will continue with all subjects into 2nd A-Level. There will be no changes – unless requested by the student or directed based on exam results.