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The University College Admissions System (UCAS) is the system that enables students to apply to UK universities.  The website is extremely in-depth and gives detailed descriptions of the universities, courses, individual modules and application requirements.  Our experienced personal tutors work with all our students individually with a detailed programme, which covers the following:

Introduction to UCAS

  • What is UCAS?
  • How to carry out degree searches using the website?
  • Understanding UCAS deadlines (including Oxbridge and Medicine)

Choosing your course and university

  • Introduction to UK universities and their geography
  • Attending open days
  • Attending the St Andrew’s university fair
  • Differences in course modules at each university

How to apply

  • How to apply
  • Completing a skills and qualities list to increase student awareness of their skill set and its importance for the UCAS process and beyond
  • Learn key words in education and careers relating to course choices
  • How to complete the application form and the importance of accuracy
  • Learning how to speak publicly
  • Becoming confident speakers
  • What to say and what not to say in interviews

Personal Statement

  • What is a personal statement?
  • How to write about your course
  • What to include and what not to include
  • Writing style
  • How to write your personal statement/content
  • How to develop your personal statement to ensure it fits the UCAS criteria


  • Completing the application process checklist
  • Submitting your application
  • St Andrews will submit all required references

After Applying

  • How to track your application
  • Further interview preparation
  • Offers and rejections
  • Explaining results and clearing
  • Providing advice on results day