lady teaching her class

British Educational System

The British Educational system is one of the best quality educational systems in the world.  Up to age of 14 years of age (Year 9) students study all subjects and do not specialise.

From 14-16 students in the UK study the General Certificate Secondary Education (GCSEs) normally comprising 9 or 10 subjects.  English, Maths and the Sciences are compulsory with students given the option to choose from the humanities, languages and the arts. 

Some international students aged 15 or 16 years who may be a year older or who have studied different syllabuses take one-year GCSE qualifications. Here they do a number of GCSEs in one year including English, Maths and the Sciences with one or two optional subjects if applicable.

Other students, like those attending St Andrew’s, can take a Pre A-level qualification designed to improve students English alongside maths and the subject areas they are planning to pursue at A-Level.  Some of these subjects may be taken as GCSEs at the end of the year if a student wishes to.

Between 16-18 students in the UK normally study Advanced Levels (A-levels) – the gold standard of education.  Students are able to pick three or four subjects of their choice to specialise in, normally in subjects they particularly enjoy and excel.