In the last ISI inspection report (February 2024), St Andrew’s College Cambridge has met all requirements.  The inspection focused on the school’s compliance with the Education (Independent Schools Standards) Regulations 2014 (ISSRs) and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding 2022. The main highlights of the report were:

  • Implementation of all aspects of the school’s safeguarding procedures is effective in providing appropriate support for the needs of the pupils, including boarders.
  • Safeguarding procedures are implemented effectively to safeguard children at risk and those in particular need.
  • The school has effective recruitment procedures which include appropriate checks on boarding staff.
  • There is an appropriate health and safety policy which is implemented effectively to ensure the safety of pupils, staff and visitors
  • Fire procedures are understood by, and training provided for, staff.  Termly fire drills are carried out, including in boarding time, and recorded.
  • Pupils, including boarders, are properly supervised by a suitable number of appropriately qualified and trained staff.
  • Staff conduct appropriate risk assessments for each area of the school, for trips out of school and to safeguard the wellbeing of pupils with particular needs.
  • All the required checks on staff and governors are carried out.  Contractors send the school up-to-date information on checks undertaken on their employees.
  • Appropriate accommodation for pupils’ medical and therapy needs is provided.  Medicines are stored securely and suitable records are kept.
  • Boarding houses provide good quality living and sleeping accommodation with ensuite toilet, washing and showering facilities.
  • Good quality, nutritious meals are provided for boarders in a central canteen at lunch and supper times.

We were previously inspected by Ofsted and you can visit their website and view previous reports here