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Meet Iluenta

Ilenuta Dandu

I have worked at St Andrew’s College for the last few years and enjoy the challenges that come with looking after a house full of students!

Much of my time is spent looking after the students – cooking, cleaning and laundry! It can be a tiring job, but it is important to me that the students feel at home, and that they are well looked after. I think that by providing a warm and welcoming environment my students feel supported and encouraged to embrace their studies, and their new lives in Cambridge.

I like my work as a House Manager because it gives me the opportunity to talk to different people from different backgrounds. It is interesting to learn from my students about their different countries and different cultures. St Andrew’s College is a remarkable multi-cultural community and I feel like all my students gain a great deal from being part of such an international community at such a young age.

I would describe myself as an honest person, with a real positive outlook on life and willing to discover and try new things. This is seen in my cooking, where my students can expect to try recipes from all round the world! One of the things I love most about my job is learning new recipes from students – especially if it is food that they miss from home!

I like to spend time with my family. Being a new mum, I love to spend time with my little boy, playing and singing with him. I also like travelling, reading and playing the mandolin. From the moment students join St Andrew’s I welcome them into my Hall and my family, and will always go the extra mile to make sure their time at St Andrew’s is a happy one!