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Annual Fee Increase

Posted: 13th May 2024

At St Andrew’s College Cambridge, we firmly believe that education is not merely an expense but an invaluable investment in your child’s future. Our commitment to providing an enriching, holistic learning experience goes beyond the confines of traditional education.

As part of our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve the quality of education and facilities provided at our school, we will be implementing an increase in school fees.

Below is a list of what our fees include:

English Lessons (3 hours per week): Comprehensive English language instruction to develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Up to 27 hours of face-to-face teaching per week: Extensive classroom instruction from qualified educators covering a wide range of subjects and topics.

Enriching Extracurricular Activities: Beyond the classroom, we offer a wide array of extracurricular activities ranging from sports and performing arts to community service initiatives. These activities not only complement academic learning but also promote teamwork, leadership, and personal growth.

Three hours per week of tutorial sessions: Additional one-on-one or small group sessions to provide personalized support and guidance in academic areas.

UCAS advice and guidance: Assistance with the University and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) application process, including guidance on course selection, personal statements, and interviews.

Exam fees and circulation of results: Coverage of examination fees and timely dissemination of exam results to students.

Full boarding including all meals for those students in our halls of residence and homestay: Comprehensive boarding accommodations, including lodging and meals, for students residing on campus or in homestay arrangements.

Textbooks, notebooks etc: Provision of necessary educational materials such as textbooks, notebooks, and other supplies.

The use of Kelsey Kerridge sports centre: Access to state-of-the-art sports facilities at the Kelsey Kerridge sports centre for athletic activities and recreation.

Student Development Programme with Cambridge University – New for September 2024: Collaborative program with Maxer Education Institute aimed at fostering student growth and development through specialized initiatives.

Dukes+ Career School: A specialized program designed to equip students with essential skills and resources for career readiness and advancement.

Entry exam and continued performance related testing in college via ALIS: Entrance examination for incoming students and ongoing performance assessment using the ALIS system to monitor academic progress.

Graduation event in June each year with gowns and pictures: Annual ceremony to celebrate student achievements, including graduation attire and commemorative photos.

Tutorial support: Dedicated support system providing academic guidance and assistance to students throughout their educational journey.

Special Educational Need (SEN) entrance exam: Specialized examination process for students to assess their special educational needs to ensure fair and equitable admission. And ongoing support during their time in college.

Principal and Governors’ Awards – New for June 24: Recognition of exceptional academic achievement and contributions to the school community through prestigious awards.

Use of Cambridge University Library: Access to the extensive resources and facilities of the Cambridge University Library for research and academic purposes.

Visits to Cambridge Botanical Gardens, museums and art galleries: Educational excursions to cultural and historical landmarks in Cambridge to enrich students’ learning experiences.

Membership of Cambridge University Astronomy Club: Opportunity for students interested in astronomy to join a dedicated club and engage in related activities.

Wi-Fi: High-speed internet connectivity available throughout the campus for academic research and communication.

Printing of student exams, work etc: Printing services for students’ academic materials, including exam papers and coursework.

Subject Olympiads, e.g. Maths & Science: Competitions and events showcasing students’ proficiency and passion in specific academic subjects such as Mathematics and Science.

Cambridge Science week entry: Participation in Cambridge Science Week events and activities to explore and celebrate scientific discoveries and innovations.

Cambridgeshire Student Forum: Platform for students to voice their opinions, collaborate on projects, and engage in discussions about issues affecting the student body.

University visits and talks in college from key university partners: Opportunities for students to interact with representatives from various universities, explore higher education options, and gain insights into university life.

Local work experience at local hospitals, Cambridge Water and IT firms: Internship and work experience opportunities with local businesses and organizations to gain practical skills and real-world experience.

Medical centre, Nurses & medication: On-campus medical facilities and support services, including qualified nursing staff and access to necessary medications and treatments.

Sports leagues with other schools and Cambridge colleges: Participation in inter-school and intercollegiate sports leagues and competitions to promote physical fitness and teamwork.

Independent Schools Associated (ISA) competitions: Competitions and events organized by the Independent Schools Association to showcase students’ talents and achievements across various disciplines.

Dukes Education Ltd competitions: Competitions and challenges organized by Dukes Education

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