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Principal & Governors’ Awards 2024

Posted: 13th May 2024

Excitement reverberates through the halls of our college as we proudly announce the upcoming Principal and Governors’ Awards for June / August 2024. The awards serves as a beacon of recognition for the standout students whose exceptional dedication and achievements have illuminated our academic community throughout the year. With each passing day, anticipation mounts as students eagerly await the opportunity to witness their peers’ hard work and commitment being celebrated with the awards.

The Principal and Governors’ Awards not only honour academic excellence but also acknowledge the embodiment of our college’s core values: respect, creativity and resilience. As the date draws near, the air is charged with anticipation, echoing the sentiment of pride and accomplishment that permeates every corner of our institution.

June / August 2024 marks not only a celebration of individual achievements but also a collective acknowledgment of the vibrant tapestry of talent and ambition that defines our college community.

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